~ Directions to Tamarack Realty ~


1) Take EXIT 36 from the Maine Turnpike and proceed EAST on I-195, following the signs to Old Orchard Beach. Do NOT take Exits 1, 2A, or 2B.

2) When I-195 ends, go straight ahead, with 7-11 CONVENIENCE STORE to your LEFT; on your RIGHT will be a nail store. At this point, you will be about 2.3 miles from the tollbooth and on TEMPLE AVENUE heading east.

3) Continuing straight on TEMPLE AVENUE, you will cross the railroad tracks, about 3 miles from the tollbooth and in another 0.5 miles, you will come a flashing red light and a 4-way stop. This is OCEAN PARK. At this intersection, turn RIGHT on to Rt. 9 WEST heading south.

4) You will now be on Rt. 9 WEST (West Grand Avenue), heading south toward Camp Ellis Beach, Saco.

5) In a few blocks, you will pass over a small bridge; you are now in SACO, and Rt. 9 changes its name to SEASIDE AVENUE. The ocean will be on your left. TAMARACK REALTY will be the FIRST house on your LEFT approximately 800 feet from the bridge, or 3.9 miles from the Turnpike Tollbooth.


Tamarack Realty
511 Seaside Avenue
Kinney Shores, Saco, Maine 04072-3424
Telephone: 207.934.5327